Imagine board meetings at Disney. In one agenda item it’s all doom and gloom from Lucasfilm. Another director has walked or has been fired, creative mayhem, a fan campaign hashtag taking off, a big star let go over tweets, theme park numbers down, merchandise not shifting and rumors of power struggles. Carnage and chaos!

Then on to the next agenda item. Marvel. It must be like serenity breaking out. Kevin Feige turning up to the boardroom with wheelbarrows full of cash and outlining a plan years in advance.

“Any issues we need to know about Kevin?”

“No… not really.”


“Excuse me while I go and make you all some more money in peace…”

Having pretty much conquered movie theaters, now Marvel is making it’s assault on television via Disney+. Kevin Feige was invited to participate in the his first-ever Television Critics Association panel yesterday and he gave plenty of details on what is going on in the world of Marvel TV.

He confirmed, as the shows are all integral the the MCU, they are currently all designed to only have one season as they are all linked. He said some of the shows could well return for a second season as the stories of the MCU demand, but WandaVision season 2 is not currently planned as it fulfills a very specific purpose.

It cues up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for March 2022:

“When we start with a movie, we hope there is a part two, we hope there is part three, but we aren’t factoring that into the part 1. Some of the shows that I mentioned that we are about to start filming, we are keeping in mind a structure that would lead into a season two or a season three in a more direct way compared to a show like WandaVision that goes into a feature.”

Ms. Marvel is already shooting, She-Hulk begins in April and Moon Knight will start in the early summer. For shows already in the can, Falcon and The Winter Soldier is ready to go. Feige confirmed that it will be six one-hour episodes.

This is the general timing of all their shows. WandaVision is the exception at nine episodes as it had a very specific story which needed laying out. He said the story drives the runtime, not vice versa.

Inevitably, he was asked about legacy Marvel TV such as Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Feige outlined that before he had control of Marvel TV he chose to focus on things he could control, such as the MCU, and not things he couldn’t such as the Netflix shows.

However he went on to acknowledge those shows have a large fan base and good characters. He was clear they could all still appear in the MCU but right now they aren’t working on them:

“I’m not exactly sure of the exact contracts, but perhaps one day.”

Not sure where this leaves Matt Murdock’s rumored appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Firmly in the realm of internet rumors?

On the same day it was announced that that Marvel’s Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson will arrive on the Disney+ platform for a June 11th premiere.

Kevin Feige also addressed Deadpool. He confirmed once again that the third movie will be R-Rated and the tone will not be affected by the Mouse House. He hasn’t seen this as a green light to expand other titles into the R-Rated arena as he doesn’t need to:

“We have never been held back by it. If we ever are, then certainly there could be a discussion to be had …. but that just hasn’t been the case yet.”

Other Disney+ news has also been released. Star Wars: The Bad Batch will premiere on Tuesday, May 4th and will then air every Friday. The news that all Outposters have been waiting for… well, one anyway, is that the Turner & Hooch reboot starring Josh Peck will land on July 16th.

At least we assume Star Wars: The Bad Batch will arrive on that day. That is unless they all get fired by Lucasfilm as well.