There is a review of Fear Street from last week. Netflix have decided they’ve made a trilogy of the story and promoted it as such…which wasn’t the best idea, since the first one wasn’t good, but here’s the review of Part 2.

Not So Fear Street 1978

Fear Street

Spoiler free short review

This is along the same lines as the first one, it’s been written for teenagers who love Twilight, but it’s full of swearing, childishly done sex scenes and brutally murdering young kids! I still have no idea who the target audience is.

There’s a decent soundtrack. However, it’s also the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, not exactly the same, but there are 2 or 3 songs that are pretty prominent from GotG.

The plot is a summer camp, where people get killed…totally original, right? From the outset, it’s someone recalling the story…who manages to tell details about the story that they had no information about, since they were not there!

Fear Street

There is zero explanation to why the killer kills in this and the story follows the same as the first; they were looking for the body of Sarah Fier (the local witch), in this one they are looking for her hand.

Overall, it is not worth the watch, unless you liked the first one, but if you didn’t, you won’t find anything new here.

A more detailed review

* Spoilers from now on *

The movie opens with Previously on Fear Street, seriously, like it’s an episode of LA Law! And also to remind the stupid people what happened in the movie they saw LAST WEEK! Even the director doesn’t give the audience much credit.

It picks up right after the events of the first movie, Deena and Josh have tied up Sam and they are at the house of the lady who survived in 1978. This is played by Gillian Jacobs and she looks terrible, I mean, I understand, she had a bad year at summer camp, but it was a shame to see her like this. She lives her life by clocks, as in, an alarm goes off and she locks the doors, another goes off she feeds the dog etc. There’s no reason why she does this.

Deena and Josh tie up Sam in the bathroom and ask how to get the witch out of her. Berman (Jacobs) then sits them down and tells them the story of the attack in 1978 at Camp Nightwing. Yes, their friend is tied up in the bathroom, possessed by a murderous witch, so let’s tell a good long story about the entire summer at camp, not just cut to the end!

Fear Street

There is also another issue here, Berman is telling the story of her time at the camp, but she manages to go into detail about a lot of the other people’s stories, knowing what they did, where they went and what they said! If you’re telling a story, you can only tell the parts of the story YOU were present at, everything else is just made up! So basically, from here on in, about 50% may not be true.

We join Camp Nightwing with Ziggy, played with Sadie Sink. This was really bad casting, Sink is best known as Max in Stranger Things…here, her character in this is Max from Stranger Things (I did voice my concern over this in the review of the first one and I was right). Max is about 14, 15 years old? So here, in camp, some of the situations she gets into are inappropriate! Ziggy might have been older, but the casting didn’t help.

Fear Street

Anyway, Ziggy is being accused of stealing by the popular girls, so she’s a witch and they string her up at the Hanging Tree, where Sarah Fier was hung, and they are going to possibly hang her, at the very least burn her.  I have no idea how the popular kids thought they were going to get away with any of that…it was far too OTT.

Just to add, I love the ‘Let’s build a kids summer camp around that tree, you know, the one where that witch was hung!’, it’s very lazy writing.

Ziggy is saved, by the guys who grows up to be the local sheriff, Nick (Ted Sutherland) and Kurt (Michael Provost), both camp councilors and Ziggy goes to see the school nurse. She’s either a witch or a witch-fan. She says that Tommy (McCabe Slye), Cindy’s (Emily Rudd) boyfriend, is going to die that night. He does die, but first he gets possessed, I think, it wasn’t explained, but goes around killing everyone.

Oh yeah, Cindy and Ziggy are sisters. This isn’t really important, but does need mentioning.

Fear Street

Some of the kids find that there’s some witchery somewhere in the camp and go looking for it. The others play Color Wars, yes… that’s actually what they called it. Ziggy gets her own back on the girl who wanted to burn her, but this is only a set up for the ending, so not really important.

The kids underground find the witching cave, see names on wall, other stuff, Tommy goes nuts with his axe (not a euphemism). I still don’t really understand why there are names on the wall, but they’re there. The girls end up getting away from Tommy and head through the cave. They now find a giant beating heart/organ thing, Alice (Ryan Simpkins) touches it and she has visions of everyone’s death. I still have no idea what the big beating heart thing was, I’m guessing anything too complicated would have gone over the simple minds of anyone enjoying the movie up till now.

Then Alice runs away and breaks her leg badly, the bone is poking through the skin, but it’s OK, since Cindy pops the bone back in, a little brace and Alice is up and mildly hobbling around…just like in real life! Yes, I know that none of this is real, but since the rest of the movie is taking itself seriously, some realism wouldn’t go a miss, but hey ho!

Tommy heads back to camp and kills off kids at random, lots of family fun.

Cindy and Alice end up under the toilets (where Ziggy is getting revenge) and this was so stupid! I’ve never built an outhouse for a summer camp, but 1, I would imagine it needs proper drainage, 2, not just build it on top of a random cave I had found and 3, somehow build some of the toilets over one half of the cave, but not the other. And, for a cave, where at least 50 kids take a shit, at least twice a day, there is very little shit to be seen. There’s a simple mention of the smell, but the cave walls should have been covered with shit and piss!

Fear Street

Some badly done chase scenes and we find the hand of Sarah Fier is in the cave, under all the shit and piss that doesn’t exist. It just needs to be reunited with the body and we can all go home safely. The body isn’t under the tree, where they thought and everyone gets killed. Oh, at the end, razor blade girl, baseball bat kid and Michael Myers, seriously, a guy in a blue boiler suit and white mask, turn up to help with the killings…out of nowhere!!! And then they all just disappear.

Cut back to Berman’s house and the story telling, to find that Deena needs to find the hand, put it back with the body, they found in the first movie and we’re all good. Apart from, we know there is a third movie, so there is no dramatic ending. Berman could have just said ‘You need the hand’ and it would have saved everyone an hour and a half. We are given a preview of Part 3, set in 1666.

The killings are brutal and OTT for the teenage script. One guys gets an axe to the face, one of the teenage girls takes an axe to the chest, several times. There’s a moment where two teens, must have been about 15, get slaughtered, it was off camera, but it was in bad taste!

There are two sex scenes and both of them seem to have been directed by a teenage boy who is definitely not a virgin! He imagines sex is ‘jump up and down and scream really loudly.’ They were embarrassing to watch and again, didn’t fit the tone of the script.

Fear Street

The soundtrack is good, but I’ve heard most of it when I watched Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fear Street 1978 is poor, the cast is pretty good, but the script is childish, while the movie is trying to take itself too seriously. If this was played out as a PG-13, it might have been good. As an R movie, it needed a much better script and director.

The scares don’t work, the tension doesn’t work and the killings are over the top and inappropriate.

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Fear Street Part 2 : 1978
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fear-street-part-2-1978-a-reviewThe 1 star is for the cast, who mostly do a pretty good job, especially with the script and direction they have to work with, but there is nothing else worth watching this for. It’s also pretty annoying that I know I’ll have to sit through a third one, even if it’s just for a review.