We are still over a year away from the release of the fifth Indiana Jones movie. That’s probably because of all the delays the movie has seen from viruses and Harrison Ford getting injured. Still, it seems like Indiana Jones 5 has been in development forever now.

It’s already been 15 years since the fourth movie was released in 2008, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That came 19 years after the third movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Is there another franchise with TWO legacy sequels in it? None that I can think of. I sure wish it would have been the Last Crusade.

Indiana Jones 5

Still, here we are and Ford is about to put on the fedora… at least one more time. Fans might be a little uneasy about this next outing for Indy, I know I am. It’s a safe bet that it will not live up to the legacy. Fans reacted badly to the last movie, and Ford is getting up there in age.

There’s also been years of hype thrown around, including comments from Indiana Jones 5 producer Frank Marshall. Recently he spoke with A.Frame and stated that fans will be very happy and that it’ll be worth the wait.

“It’s a great story, it’s a great character, and I think you’re going to be very happy with this movie. It’s everything I think that everybody wants out of an Indiana Jones movie.”

Marshall says he’s leaving the learning from the mistakes on the fourth movie to the writers and the fifth movie’s director, James Mangold, to avoid. He’s confident with the approach the filmmakers are taking.

“It’s really up to the creative forces that are behind this one, so I leave that to Jim Mangold. As a producer, I always look at my role in these movies as supporting the vision of the director… It’s like going back home. It’s relaxed and fun and very comfortable. Like a home-cooked meal.”


Marshall has been there from the start, serving as a producer on Raiders of the Lost Ark. The first instalment of the Indiana Jones movie series was released back in 1981. The movie was a huge success and the franchise has been loved by fans ever since. Marshall also found success with the character as it was the first movie he produced that got nominated for an Academy Award. He reflected on that first movie.

“Making Raiders was really, I’d say, my favorite experience of making a movie. There was a whole lot of firsts on that movie. And staying with Indy all these years has just made it a real pleasure. To be able to now do another one has just been fantastic.”

Mangold will be directing Indiana Jones 5 as Steven Spielberg stepped down from directing, after helming all four prior movies. Spielberg will be staying on as a produce with Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy and Simon Emanuel.

We’ll have to wait and see just how “happy” we will be with Indiana Jones 5, when it releases into theatres on June 30, 2023.

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