One of the best things about the online movie geek community is that it can showcase some truly talented individuals with a real passion for their craft.   When they deploy their talent on whatever hot topic is circulating around movie fandom, then magic can happen.  Nowhere else is this more true than in the world of fan art.

We admit, there is some very ropey fan art out there.  It’s not all brilliant.  However a lot of it really is very high quality.

You can get some tantalising glimpses of what could be, what might have been and what may never be.  A kind of pre-visualisation direct from the minds of the fans.

One area where the fans have been working overtime is the MCU. Specifically where the Disney acquisition of Fox has been responsible for some of the biggest Marvel properties coming back into the grasp of Marvel Studios.  Clearly it is only a matter of time before we see the Fantastic Four and the X-Men staking their claim to a place in the expanded universe.

Ever since it became clear that the X-Men would be rebooted in some way to join the MCU, therefore Hugh Jackman would not be returning the role he has completely owned for 18 years – Wolverine – speculation has been rife as to who may take over.

With another rumor being that he may appear in an antagonist capacity in Captain Marvel 2, then clearly a casting search will soon be underway.  One name to emerge as a front runner among fans is that of Henry Cavill.  With the future of the Man Of Steel in as much doubt as the rest of the DC mess, he could well be free to cross the floor to the competition.

So the good people of the internet have wasted no time at all in going to work around this theme.  Thanks to Twitter and Instagram they can get their work in front of an audience in minutes.

Using pre-existing images of Cavill, or their own skills as an artist, they can bring the possibility of him in the role to life.

Check out the fine work of ApexForm, rimo.dey, BossLogic, Royy_Ledger and kinoman_az below:

There is still no confirmation of any talks between Cavill’s people and Marvel.  Recently it has been hinted that Cavill still considers the role of Superman to be his and he is expecting to reprise that role at some point.