Falcon And The Winter Soldier is continuing to pile on the Marvel Easter Eggs. For those of you who are into this kind of thing, we will try to continue to keep score! Remember kids, the speculation is half the fun, and some of these cuts are deep. WandaVision was rammed with Easter eggs and Falcon And The Winter Soldier is looking the same.

We speculated last time that Isaiah Bradley, a forgotten super-soldier from the Korean War era, would appear. This was correct. A very angry, forgotten man. We suspect we won’t be seeing the last of him as Sam continues to feel post-Avengers: Endgame dissatisfaction with how things are turning out. What other Easter eggs have we spotted in Falcon And The Winter Soldier? Well…


Falcon And The Winter Soldier episode 3 clearly has an MVP, and that is Daniel Brühl. The first time we really see him since the end of Captain America: Civil War and he’s straight in with the trigger words from that movie to see if Bucky still has any Winter Soldier lurking in him.

Longing, rusted, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, and freight car. These are present and correct from Captain America: Civil War. Cold, calculating, and observant Zemo sees a glimmer of a reaction, something still inside Bucky. Dormant, not exorcised. Will this come back to haunt all involved in a future episode?

Zemo is a massive build in this episode. As a highly effective supervillain in the comics, he is given a reset here and shows many facets of his comic book version.

He has a love of collecting old cars. He also has a golden gun straight from the Marvel Legends action figure. He has a purple mask. Purple is important as the traditional color of the Zemo family since the 1500s. An earlier version of Zemo had a WW2 brawl with Captain America and was scarred by toxic chemicals of his own creation, hence the mask.

His status as a Baron is confirmed, as is his wealth and influence. He speaks of his motivations for villainy as being the complete loss of everything he loved, including the nation. Don’t feel too sorry for him though, as he reveals himself to be a cold-blooded killer on more than one occasion.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbors

Baron Zemo is tied to Sokovia, so this Eastern European / Balkan fictional nation gets a lot of mentions. Zemo references Avengers: Age Of Ultron and floating cities. He then drops the bomb that Sokovia no longer exists, that the upheaval meant neighboring nations swept in and carved up Sokovia.

Didn’t there used to be a city here?

Who would be a neighboring nation of Sokovia? Well, perhaps Latveria. Is the groundwork being laid for the introduction of the country of dictator Victor Von Doom?

Zemo asks whether Falcon or Bucky has even bothered to visit the Sokovian Memorial. We know the show will head in this direction at some point as we have already seen the memorial in some trailers.

Zemo also highlighted the fear of the Super Soldier serum being in the wrong hands and creating another Red Skull. This confirms the MCU serum works as it did in the comics, and amplifies a person’s character as well as their strength. While Steve Rogers went from good to great, others would go from bad to downright evil.

Abraham Erskine is also mentioned a number of times, unsurprisingly as the creator of the serum. We are also introduced to Dr. Wilfred Nagel, a scientist who the U.S. government had tasked to recreate the super-soldier serum. He was on the brink of a breakthrough when he was hit by the blip.

Five years later with no funding and no way forward, he is in Madripoor working for the mysterious Power Broker. Also making us think we haven’t seen the last of Isaiah Bradley is the link with the comics. Nagel was the scientist using black soldiers as super-soldier test subjects in the comics. Speaking of Madripoor…

Madripoor, A Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy

Looking like the dark, mirror universe of Singapore from a distance is Madripoor. Madripoor is a big location in the X-Men comics. A single island city in South East Asia split into Hightown and Lowtown.

Lowtown is the center of the black market, including arms and drugs. As the Madripoor government refuses any extradition deals it is a magnet for fugitives and criminals. Currently, it is ruled over by the Power Broker.

The Princess Bar in Lowtown is also straight from the X-Men comics as the most notorious drinking den in Madripoor. Traditionally the Princess Bar was run by Wolverine’s lover Tyger Tiger. When living in Madripoor under the alias Patch, Logan was a regular customer.

The camera also stays a moment too long on a mysterious monkey-face logo in the Madripoor nighttime neon. This is also on the jackets of some of the low-life that attacks Sam and Bucky. This same logo appears in the closing credits too.

Could it be that Hit-Monkey will make an appearance? One of the most feared killers in the MCU would normally appear to be off the table, but we have already seen Rocket Raccoon and Howard the Duck. So anything can happen.

The Power Behind The Throne

So who is the Power Broker who rules over Madripoor? In the comics he was an evil scientist called Karl Malus. The end titles sequence that sees hastily redacted text being deleted before our eyes reference the Power Broker and mention the serum. Malus frequently did experiments on people that were way beyond the bounds of ethics. Maybe Hit-Monkey is one of his works?

He is involved with something alongside both the Flag Smashers and Batroc. One crazy theory doing the rounds online is that Sharon Carter, the great-niece of Peggy Carter, will turn out to be the Power Broker.

Falcon Winter Soldier

She does have reason to dislike her own country. She was forced to flee to Madripoor because she’s still wanted for her part in the breach of the Sokovia Accords. She is now big in the international art crime game.

More likely she is deep undercover and we will definitely be seeing her again.

There was also a Skull Island reference. Not the island of Kong. That is just a coincidence. There is a Skull Island in Marvel lore near the Savage Land in Antarctica.

Also in Madripoor, Sam is required to take on the mantle of the Smiling Tiger. He is a third or fourth-tier villain in the comics, basically a henchman.  The final egg in Madripoor is a nod to a previous interaction between Sam and Bucky. In Captain America: Civil War, Sam and Bucky were in a car with Bucky in the back seat, When he asked Sam to move his seat forward to give him more room, Sam refused. Hence the reversal this time around as they climb into Zemo’s stashed car.

Undercover Super Secret Wakanda Secret Service

In the comics, some Wakandans wear kimoyo beads. Wakandans wear bracelets of these beads which can be repurposed for different functions. Remember in Black Panther where the beads can scan vitals or render urgent medical assistance?

Bucky spots these beads around the safe-house they are using with Nemo. This looks as if these beads are intelligence gathering units, possibly cameras and listening devices. Understandably then these lead him straight to Ayo, the deputy commander of the Dora Milaje – Wakandan intelligence.

Zemo, therefore, remains a wanted man. He was, after all, behind the assassination of the King of Wakanda. Are the Wakandans going to make life complicated here? One might suggest she could possibly try being slightly more undercover.

Falcon Winter Soldier

Three episodes down, three to go. Let us know if you have spotted any Easter eggs we missed?

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