Imagine being a movie star with roles in two high-profile franchises and still doing your absolute best to completely screw it up for both yourself and those who work with you? You must be some special kind of idiot, right? Well, The Flash star Ezra Miller is seemingly on a one man mission to prove that he is. His legal woes continue.


He has been charged with felony burglary. What for this time? Allegedly stealing bottles of alcohol from an unoccupied dwelling in Stamford, Vermont back in May.

The police report has been released by the Vermont State Police and it names Miller in the burglary. After taking statements and reviewing surveillance videos, police found probable cause to charge Miller.

According to the reports he was “ultimately located” late on Sunday night and issued with a citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court for an arraignment hearing on September 26th.

So just what the hell is going on with Miller, and why is he behaving like this? Could it be a mental health issue?

This is all perfectly normal

Or is he just on the kind of self-destructive spiral that would have made Oliver Reed tell him to calm down a bit?

The latest charge comes in the wake of numerous reports and allegations regarding the actor’s conduct. There have been arrests in Hawaii, suspicion of second-degree assault, charges of disorderly conduct and harassment, and even an accusation of grooming behaviour.

Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav said last week that the studio is committed to theatrical releases for their various tentpole DC films, and named The Flash as one of them in a key investor call last week. There are millions sunk into the movie and it is needed, if plot rumors are true, to completely close off the existing DCEU to make way for something new, also in Zaslav’s plans.

The Flash Logo
A key strategic piece of the DCEU plans

The Flash remains set for release on June 23rd 2023 and a re-edit and reshoot as per Kevin Spacey in All The Money In The World would be a huge task. Creatively and financially it cannot be written off after Batgirl was sunk.

The most likely scenario is that this will be Miller’s final appearance in the role, the role will be recast in the new iteration of the DCEU after the existing Snyder-adjacent version is closed, and Ezra Miller will play no part in the publicity activity for the release, along with public statements being made about “seeking help” in conjunction with Warner Bros.

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