Police bodycam footage has emerged of The Flash star Ezra Miller being arrested yet again in Hawaii after spitting in someone’s face.

Hollywood’s biggest dickhead is seen berating cops in bodycam footage taken of his arrest at Margarita Village. The furious soy-boy complains that he was the real victim of assault, before demanding to know the police officers’ full names and badge numbers.

“What’s your name? What’s your badge number? Tell me your name and your badge number. Full name! Full badge number!”

He screams this repeatedly before his arrest.

Ezra Miller
I’m surprised Miller spat to be honest, he always struck me as more of a swallower.

Total Meltdown

The alleged victims tell the police that Ezra Miller assaulted them by spitting on them unprovoked. Miller then begins filming on his phone, saying he films himself getting assaulted for NFT crypto art.

Eventually, Miller is placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. As he is searched, he tries to invoke his 4th and 9th amendment rights while commenting on the things that are found on his person, like his Flash ring and a Nerf gun. Seriously!

Ezra Miller

The video also shows Miller being put in handcuffs and complaining:

“Do not touch my ring!”

Ooo-err! Keep up this behavior lad and you’ll soon find yourself locked up and having your ring touched will be a daily occurrence, whether you like it or not.

Sweet meat.
Sweet meat.

Playing All The Cards

As per usual with people like Ezra, he tries to claim victim status saying the man he spat at declared himself a Nazi and brought up Judaism. He also claims that his genitals were touched by law enforcement in the footage.

“Hey, you just touched my penis. Please don’t do that. I’m transgender, non-binary and I don’t want to be searched by a man!”.

Doesn’t want to be touched by a man? Did he just assume the police officer’s gender? Total bigot.

Ezra Miller 3

A History Of Violence

This is just the latest in a string of incidents involving Miller and his tantrums. I would usually link them to this article but there are so many that this page would look like the appendix of a Wikipedia page.

So for now, enjoy the video below and check back in a few days for his latest arrest.

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