Back in 2002 people were excited that Alan Moore’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was being made into a movie. In 2003, when it was released, people were less excited.


The movie was a flop and was savaged by critics. This isn’t stopping 20th Century Fox. They are working on a reboot that is set to head to Hulu.

The original League of Extraordinary Gentleman was set in an alternate Victorian age and followed a group of famous contemporary characters from fantasy, horror, science fiction and adventure novels, including Allan Quartermain, Dorian Grey, Dr. Jekyll, Mina Harker, and Captain Nemo, to name a few.

The original movie, directed by Stephen Norrington, was said to be one of the reasons that Sean Connery retired from acting after having such a miserable time on set. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie actually killed James Bond?


The 2003 version of the movie had an impressive cast. Connery, Stuart Townsend, Peta Wilson, Jason Flemming, Richard Roxburgh, Shane West, and Naseeruddin Shah. On paper this should have been a smash hit of a movie.

There have been a few attempts to get a reboot off the ground, including an all-female version. How on earth that would have worked I have no idea. Oh, wait… it wouldn’t have.

There are few details about the new version, other than that Justin Haythe, known for Revolutionary Road, will be penning the script. Here’s hoping a reboot of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be better than the last attempt. It couldn’t be worse.

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