We are big fans of Extraction at Last Movie Outpost. It was an old-fashioned actioner that reminded us of the kind of awesome, no-nonsense, old-school shoot ’em up movies we used to rent on VHS back in the day, usually from a video rental store attached to a gas station.

The Russo Bros (Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame) produced, Sam Hargrave directed, original movie ended on a slightly ambiguous point around the fate of the hero, mercenary Tyler Rake. If you name your kid Tyler Rake just accept the fact he’s either going to grow up to be a mercenary or a stuntman.


That ambiguity has clearly been cleared up here, and the character did indeed survive as the movie has a sequel, and Extraction 2 has finished shooting. Actor Chris Hemsworth has posted a 40-second video on Instagram thanking the cast and crew and talking about the production challenges from harsh weather to big stunts.

The Netflix original was released in the early days of the pandemic and was a massive smash, with millions of views. In the early days of the pandemic, streamers were harvesting eyeballs with ease.

The movie will clearly be set in a much colder, snowier location than Dakhar of the first movie.

Joe Russo wrote the sequel. There is no release date yet but Netflix tends not to hang about when something is in the can. A short post-production is usually followed by a pretty swift release.

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