Netflix’s TUDUM event confirmed what we all knew. The excellently named Australian mercenary Tyler Rake survived the events at the climax of Extraction, and the mysterious silhouette at the pool was indeed him. It had to be, as Extraction 2 is now on the way.

The first movie was a good, old-fashioned action thriller that didn’t have any ideas above its station. An honest-to-goodness shoot ’em up and explosion fest that was the perfect antidote to a lot of cinema threatening to disappear up its own bottom. Undemanding, unrelentingly macho, and fun. You know, like action thrillers used to be back when everything was better?


Filmmaker Sam Hargrave joins Hemsworth and producers Joe and Anthony Russo (Avengers: Infinity War and others) in the new installment. The clip shown at TUDUM was mostly scenes from the first Extraction movie. That movie was originally to be called Dhaka before a last-minute name change.

When it was released, Extraction was the streaming service’s most-watched original movie. Netflix estimated the film would be watched by about 90 million households during its first month of release, the biggest premiere in the service’s history.

Proving once again that we can’t have nice things, Extraction was criticized by several outlets as having “white savior” elements. Variety called the film:

“…a white-savior version of Man on Fire.

Hilariously seeming to completely miss that Man Of Fire was originally a Scott Glenn vehicle based on a novel by A.J. Quinnel. The idiocy continued with Screen Rant also talking about the movie having regressive white savior elements, while Scott Mendelson of Forbes wrote:

“Look, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, director Sam Hargrave and writer Joe Russo’s Extraction… is an arguably ‘problematic’ white savior flick.”

How these people manage to go about their daily business in real life, rather than just walking around screaming at things, remains something of a mystery.

Extraction 2 was due to shoot in Australia but since it is no longer a functioning, free and democratic society the decision was made not to shoot in a police state, and instead, production has been shifted to Europe.

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