A remake that has been in development for seemingly a generation may finally be seeing some movement. However the rumors swirling online are confused and contradictory. Giant Freakin Robot say Scream and Ready or Not directing team Radio Silence are in talks to direct this long gestating Escape From New York remake and the big news is that Kurt Russell will star in some capacity.


Bloody Disgusting then carried the story too, but then contradicted the original report saying that there is no script, Russell isn’t involved and hasn’t even been contacted. The team, made up of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, and Chad Villella are said to be only in very, very early conversations.

The famous John Carpenter original is a cult classic. The 1981 dystopian adventure is set in a future (1997!) where the U.S. had become a totalitarian police state. Crime is everywhere, and to help fight this the entire island of Manhattan is now a maximum security prison. It is walled-off, and inside the inmates do as they please once dumped there.

When the US President’s plane crashes and his escape pod lands in the city, imprisoned former Special Forces officer Robert ‘Snake’ Plissken (Russell) is given twenty-four hours to go in, rescue the U.S. President, and get out again.

Carpenter wrote the film in the mid-1970s in reaction to the Watergate scandal. After the success of Halloween (1978), he had enough influence to begin production and filmed it mainly in St. Louis, Missouri, on an estimated budget of $6 million. Certain matte paintings were rendered by James Cameron, who was at the time a special-effects artist with Roger Corman’s New World Pictures. Cameron was also one of the directors of photography on the film.

A reboot or a remake has been in development for years. A version with Gerard Butler as Snake Plissken got close to a green light. A more recent attempt had Leigh Whannell attached as writer.

Prior to this, there were also attempts to make a third movie in the trilogy following the sequel, Escape from LA. That was a more light-hearted sequel, almost a spoof at times. Carpenter said this was deliberate and has complained that many commentators didn’t pick up on this. Those attempted sequels were frequently rumored to be called Escape from The US, or even Escape From Earth.

Radio Silence are currently at work on the sixth Scream movie.

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