The set of the currently shooting Denzel Washington thriller, The Equalizer 3, has been raided by the Italian police. In the raid they seized a quantity of cocaine from the rooms of the catering staff.

Antoine Fuqua is directing Denzel Washington once again as Robert McCall. His Man On Fire co-star Dakota Fanning will star alongside him. Sony are co-producing with Italy’s Eagle Pictures. Local company Garbo Produzioni are responsible for the on-set services, including catering.


According to a report in Variety, paramilitary police uncovered 120 grams of cocaine in a raid at the resort of Maiori, where the crew are currently based. The raid was conducted after the head of the film’s catering service suffered a fatal heart attack the previous evening, and after officials found small bags of cocaine on his person.

Two members of the catering crew were placed under house arrest for alleged drug dealing charges. Garbo Produzioni gave no comment regarding the incident at this time.

The Equalizer 3 is based in Italy mostly for tax reasons. These tax-based subsidies make Italy an attractive place for filmmakers. This injects cash back into the economy as they hire local suppliers such as Garbo Produzioni.


The Italian Producer can use the tax credit system to offset tax debts such as VAT, Corporate Income Tax, and Regional Income Tax. They can claim back up to 40% of their Tax costs per production. These are temporary at the moment. Italy’s culture minister Dario Franceschini has called for the country’s film and TV tax credits to become a permanent measure, saying the growth of its production sector can only be achieved if the industry is provided with certainty over time.

There are questions being raised locally as to whether this will have a negative impact on other movies deciding to shoot there.

The Equalizer 3 is currently planned to be in theaters in September 2023.

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