Another week, another instalment of the Last Movie Outpost Entertainment News.

This week, we have James Cameron talking about peeing in a cinema. As in, leaving the screen, going to a designated toilet and peeing there. It seems that Avatar 2 will be another long movie which will test everyone’s bladders.

In other news, Hugh Jackman is no longer going to be Wolverine, but it looks like Taron Egerton might be stepping up with claws and haircut.

DC have been teasing fans again with a return of Henry Cavill as Superman. This time, it might be fighting against, Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. Black Adam is due out later this year and fans are already wetting themselves at the news it might happen.

Tom Cruise celebrated his 60th birthday this week, so we look at what Mission Impossible 20 might look like.

This week’s news is brought to you from the UK office, since those stinking colonials have been celebrating Treason Day since the 4th of July.

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