Prince Andrew: The Musical is coming to the screen. The small screen, that is. UK’s Channel 4 is behind the production that will tell a satirical, fantastical; version of the story of Prince Andrew around his 2019 interview with BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis which covered the Princes friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


Epstein wouldn’t go on to kill himself in August that year… ahem… but the contents of the interview between Maitlis and the Prince would go on to be widely mocked. This proved to be the catalyst for Andrew being effectively banished from public life in the UK.

Comedian and impressionist Harry Enfield will also appear, playing former Prime Minister Tony Blair opposite Kieran Hodgson, who will play the embattled British royal.


Prince Andrew: The Musical is one hour-long and was written by Hodgson and the cast includes Emma Sidi (Starstruck) as Maitlis, Munya Chawawa as Prince Charles, Jenny Bede as Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, drag-act Baga Chipz as Margaret Thatcher, and Joe Wilkinson is a newspaper vendor.

That interview

The special will air in December and features seven original musical numbers. The score was also written by Hodgson, with Freddie Tapner. Adam Reeve is producing.

This is not the first time Enfield has been involved in a project poking fun at the British Royal Family. He appeared as Prince Charles in the Channel 4 series The Windsors. This was an absurdist sitcom that reimagines the goings on within the family as a soap opera. That show was described as:

“The series is a wry take on what the soap opera of their lives (and loves) might just be like. Delving behind the headlines and gossip columns, The Windsors lets our imaginations run riot in this ludicrous parody.

Imagine, who really controls the sceptre in Charles and Camilla’s marriage? What do the Royals really think of Kate? Does Wills really want to be king? Will Harry ever take Pippa up the aisle or will they end on a bum note? And what do Beatrice and Eugenie actually do for a living?”

Its silliness was legendary.

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