The new trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s highly-anticipated film Elvis has been released, with Austin Butler taking on the role as the King alongside Tom Hanks, who plays manager Colonel Tom Parker and who seems to suddenly have some sort of Irish accent, weird.

Butler certainly looks the part, even if the make-up seems a bit heavy, and the movie has Luhrmann’s signature bold flamboyancy so we can expect a stirring summation of Presley’s extraordinary career.

Elvis 1

The trailer begins with Elvis looking nervous in a bright pink suit as he takes the stage. As you can imagine in those days, he quickly gets heckled by the audience for it. The girls look uncomfortably curious, to say the least, but then he starts belting out a song with those signature dance moves (that he learned from Forrest Gump) and the women seem to totally lose their shit.

Elvis 2

Butler was charged with not only inhabiting Presley’s mannerisms and physicality but also singing his early career songs. For the later tracks, Luhrmann mixed Butler and Presley’s voices. Baz is said to be very impressed with Butler’s portrayal of the legendary singer and feels like his performance will put him on the map.

“I don’t usually say anything about the performances in my movies but he is phenomenal.”

I’m not a fan of musicals but Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge is a guilty pleasure of mine that I would never openly admit liking to the lads in the pub. The soundtrack to that film was incredible, especially how they adapted well-known songs into something unique, so with the icon that is Elvis and his timeless catalog of hits, this will surely get fans all shook up!

And on that dreadful pun, Eggy has left the building.

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