Michael Eisner is kind of a big deal.  He was CEO of Paramount Pictures from ‘76 to ‘84 and was then headhunted into Disney.  He ran Disney until 2005 and when Bob Iger came along.

In his time he oversaw what is considered a golden period in animation with movies like Beauty And The Beast and The Little Mermaid delighting audiences.  However he also came under fire for devaluing certain brands with a lot of straight-to-video sequels.  Creatives disliked this, shareholders liked the returns a lot!

Now it seems that just like everybody else he has an opinion on Star Wars at Disney.  He has been on Twitter and been direct about the experiences:

“#RiseofSkywalker is an acceptable film, a lot of story and fan delights but somewhat emotionless, while #TheMandolorian on @disneyplus establishes show creator @Jon_Favreau as the new George Lucas which @RobertIger had the foresight to declare.”

“Daisy Ridley played Rey throughout the film with one expression: awe/fear until the very end of the film when she reveals her name. That’s what I meant by a film that somewhat lacked emotion.”

“In my previous comment I didn’t mean to suggest that #DaisyRidley acted poorly. On the contrary, she was excellent. The choice of attitude for Rey was intended and seems to fall on the philosophy of the character.”

The Reylo idiocracy was out in force.  Fresh from screaming and crying because John Boyega called out their fantasies as not really accurate, or healthy online over the New Year they turned their guns on Eisner.  Multi-millionaire Hollywood legend Eisner is yet to respond to the mob of purple haired, lonely, unstable women who demand answers both for them and their cats.