With the current DCEU looking like it is on its last legs, and nobody quite sure what the Warner Bros. Discovery 10-year plan will manifest as, plenty of people have been reflecting back on what was, and what could have been in the world of DC, including the bad guy from Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman. It is fair to say that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor was not embraced by fans.


When you have had Gene Hackman and Clancy Brown as various portrayals of the genius evil-doer, it was always big shoes to fill. The tech-billionaire angle should have worked. The Musk or Zuckerberg gone rogue angle should have been timely. Yet the long-haired, twitchy and seemingly unfocused portrayal didn’t work for fans.

In an interview at the Sarajevo Film Festival, Eisenberg himself spoke about the role:

“I felt very personal about it. The writer, Chris Terrio, is a very serious writer, and he’s a very emotional person. He thought a lot about my character, and I thought a lot about my character too. I talked with my acting coach about the character a lot, about his backstory with his father and his emotional life – and then people hate me.”

Both the cinematic cut and the Snyder Cut of Justice League portrayed a now bald, less talkative, more sinister Luthor in a post-credits scene with him meeting Deathstroke on his yacht and a contract being put out on certain characters.


When asked if this is him done in the DCEU he said:

“I’d be shocked if I wound up in a DC movie, but it would be a pleasant shock. Listen, I’m not a comic book fan. To me, it was not playing a role that I’d envisioned since childhood. To me, it was a chance to play this great character that this great writer wrote, and I loved doing that.

So, to play it is a joy, and to not play it isn’t something that I’m going to be ashamed to tell my kids about because that is not an important genre in my life, even though I loved doing that movie.”

A lot of fans talk seems to think the characters will at least get some kind of send-off via the various remnants of the DCEU across television and movies, until the multiverse is slammed shut by The Flash next year.

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