Back in February there was a deluge of alleged leaks around expected cameos in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Deadpool was to appear. Tom Cruise would be an alternative version of Tony Stark, and the new X-Men would have been revealed. We now know this was the usual made up utter bullshit from the usual suspects and websites.

However one name mentioned as a potential member of the X-Men has shared that he has actually had a discussion with the power behind the MCU throne. Taron Egerton says he has had a meeting with Kevin Feige about Wolverine.


Egerton is getting rave reviews for the Apple TV+ series Black Bird, is about to star as Tetris company founder Henk Rogers in a biopic, and has a return to Kingsman all scheduled in so any X-Men appearance won’t be soon if it ever happens.

Egerton worked with Hugh Jackman on Eddie the Eagle several years ago and they remain friends, so he has an in to both Marvel and with the character. In a interview with The New York Times, he revealed that a meeting had happened:

“I don’t think it would be wrong to say that. I’d be excited but I’d be apprehensive as well because Hugh is so associated with the role that I’d wonder if it’d be very difficult for someone else to do it… But hopefully if it does come around, they’ll give me a shot.”

The actor has stayed in shape following his extended training for Black Bird and added to speculation when he posted a picture of himself with his hair seemingly en-route to a Wolverine style pair of peaks.


Black Bird marks Ray Liotta’s final on screen appearance. The Apple TV+ series starts Friday July 8th.

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