Will Hopefully Include Stevie Wonder, James Brown, And Buckwheat

When legendary funnyman returns as host to Saturday Night Live on December 21, he will be bringing some classic material with him.

While promoting his latest film, the Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite Is My Name, Murphy said that he will revisit some of his beloved characters from his earlier years as a breakout cast member of the Lorne Michaels-created series.

When talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked him if he had any plans to revive any of his most famous characters from his career-making turn on the sketch show in the 1980s, Murphy was all for it, he confidently exclaimed –

“I’m gonna do Gumby. And I’m trying to figure out some reason to do Velvet Jones. And, uh, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. And a funny Buckwheat sketch.”

Murphy has not officially announced a stand-up tour, but there has been rumours he signed a deal with Netflix worth $70 million to produce multiple stand-up specials. During an appearance on the streaming service’s Present Company with Krista Smith podcast, Murphy said he will-

“go on the road and do some stand-up in 2020. I’m going to do it again. Everything just has to be right. You have to get up there and start working it out,”

However, Murphy is still focusing on his movie career, clearly hoping his acclaimed performance in Dolemite Is My Name builds up some steam. He is currently working on a sequel to Coming To America and has confirmed a Beverly Hills Cop 4 is in the works.

Murphy’s return to SNL is for the Christmas episode on December 21st.