Lin Manuel Miranda, writer/creative force behind the Broadway hit musical Bring It On (what you thought I was going to be obvious and mention In The Heights? I’m not a bastard!), released a very early take of How Far I’ll Go from Disney’s Moana on SoundCloud this morning.

You can find the recording here on SoundCloud.

Sung by Hamilton star Phillipa Soo, the song is a very rough cut of what would be known as the “big song” from the 2016 movie.

You can hear the changes made after different edits, but the sense of longing in the track is still there (which given who Soo played on as an original Broadway cast member of Hamilton, is fitting).

This song made Miranda known as Academy Award nominee (on top of multiple Tony winner) Lin Manuel Miranda. So to hear the rough drafts of it is exciting to me as a fan.

Severus Snape and Alexander Hamilton

You can see the 2017 Oscars ceremony performance of this same track here.

My favorite Moana Fan Art

Okay, the Hamilton– esque rap intro is a bit self-congratulatory, but Cravalho shows such professionalism and poise after getting pegged in the head during arguably the biggest live performance in her career. I like this performance because I feel it ties into the theme of the movie, about how Moana falls and picks herself back up repeatedly.

Maybe I have just been watching too much Disney during this Shelter In Place lockdown. I definitely identify as the crazy grandma in this movie.

Happy Friday everyone!