Hey gang Eric here. Have you ever seen a movie that was so amazing you just held to recommend it to every body you knew? Well that’s what this review is about. And that flim is Locked Up.

Basically every thing you would want in a movie is in this movie directed by Jared Cohn. Action. Suspense. Heavy metal. Romance. Karate. Naked ladies taking showers.

The star of the movie played by Kelly McCart is Mallory a good girl with very short shorts who stands up to bullies only to end up in a very bad situation… Prison.

The flim takes place in the country of Asia. But don’t worry. Everybody talks in English. Some Asians speak with a British accent and some Cockasians speak with an Asian accent. Not sure what’s up with that.

We learn the villian of the flim is Jennifer the warden. She may look like nice but she has a black cold heart of darkness with a thirst for pain and death. Her assistant Skye is kind of a bitch too. Don’t let their names fool you. They’re definitely Asian.

There is one part that is very distubing and I feel that I should warn you about it. The scene where Jennifer orders her tiny prison guards to strip Mallory naked and violate her. But I under stand why it was in the flim we needed to see just how evil Jennifer could be.

All the girls hated Mal except for Kat who became very portective of her. When she needed a friend Kat was there for her. It was inspiring to see them form a bond in the face of advertisy. Kat was played by Katrina Grey and what a wonderfull performance she gave I hope they remember her name when awards season comes a round.

It really warmed my heart when the friend ship between Mallory and Kat blossomed into something more. It made me so happy that they were able to sneak away for some time alone so they could show each other how much they care about each other.

Check out my tumblr page if for more pictures of Mallory and Kat!

With only two weeks before the big fight Mallroy had to train hard and work on her karate moves. Fortutately for her she’s a fast learner! Porbably not as fast as me though it only took me two years and nine moths to earn my orange belt.

Jennifer was determined to make this not a fair fight. Fist she stopped giving Mal food to eat. And then she gave Mal’s opponent Bane venom!

I don’t want to spoil the ending but I will say it had me on the edge of my seat. The action and supsense doesn’t quit. This is the kind of flim Birds of Prey wisheds it could be.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cross The Shawkshank Redemption with Rocky, this movie is for you. Honestly this might be the best flim I’ve ever seen. Five stars.

Fingers crossed for a sequel. Locked Up is steaming on Netfix right now. Catch it!

Keep it cool,

Eric Stoltz Junior

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