The duo from The Guest will reunite for a new Godzilla movie. Dan Stevens is the first actor cast by director Adam Wingard for a new entry in Legendary’s Monsterverse, and follow-up to Godzilla vs Kong.


The Guest is an amazing little movie, and little is not derogatory in this context. It is deliberately self-contained. It is a great genre-blending experience that expertly seems to dance from horror, to teen comedy, to thriller and even a little sci-fi along the way. It is all wrapped up in a synth score that makes the whole thing feel like a highly polished John Carpenter effort.

It also showed a totally different side to Dan Stevens as an actor that was a world away from his Downton Abbey persona. Some even talk of him as a potential James Bond.

The movie will begin shooting this summer in Australia. Godzilla vs. Kong was a strong performer. Reviews were scathing but audiences turned out to give it a surprise $468 million despite theaters being largely shut, the world mid-pandemic, and the movie released day-and-date on HBO Max. The numbers on HBO Max were apparently staggeringly huge.

So Legendary will go again, and Wingard retains the big chair.

Talk is still swirling about a sequel to 2014s The Guest. Wingard says it remains his favorite movie that he has made and that they were considering a limited series to allow the story more time to expand.

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