Hard to believe, but the upcoming sci-fi epic Dune will only adapt the first half of the book. The proposed Dune sequel will tackle the second. The sequel getting a green light depends on the success of Dune when released.

Speaking about the Dune Sequel, director Denis Villeneuve has cast some light on changes in focus between the two halves of his adaption.

Speaking with Italian magazine Il Venerdi, part of La Repubblica,  said:

“I can’t wait to shoot the second part of Dune to get [Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya] back together. Knowing that in the next chapter, Zendaya will be the protagonist of the story.”

He expanded on his approach to the story, with the first half of the pair of movies mirroring the book in that it deals with the politics of the noble houses, the in-fighting, and the blood feud between House Atreides and House Harkonnen.

The second tackles Paul and Jessica’s training while helping the Fremen rise up and take back control of their planet, with Paul fulfilling the Bene Gesserit prophecy. Chani becomes a more central character in that half of the story. Zendaya has said her role in the first Dune is relatively small, but in the Dune sequel, should it get greenlit, she will have much more to do.

Villeneuve describes her almost as the protagonist in the second half of the story.

The tone will also shift with the story segue, with the first half of the story told from the point of view of the noble Atreides, with the second half from the point of view of the oppressed Fremen. It is also hinted that Villeneuve could be saving characters like Feyd Rutha and Emperor Shaddam IV for the second movie. If no Emperor, does that mean no Navigator scene? That is everyone’s favorite scene from the David Lynch version.

Dune will be released in cinemas and HBO Max on October 22nd. It is every Outposter’s duty to go and see it, for the future of adult sci-fi and so the studio greenlights the Dune sequel.

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