After being in doubt throughout the entire production of the first instalment, Dune Part 2 is not only happening, but it’s happening fast. A July 18th, 2022 start date has been locked for Denis Villeneuve to officially start production on the Dune sequel.

Producer Josh Encinias attended a screening of the movie this week and confirmed that start date, and that the movie will be released 15 months later in October 2023. Two years from the release of Dune. The first movie also had a tight production schedule and would have been released a year earlier until COVID hit.


Dune Part 2 will adapt the second part of Frank Herbert’s novel. As fans of the book will know, this sees stakes dramatically increased as galactic tensions rise and plots unravel before all-out war explodes on Arrakis.

The sleeper will awaken, and we will see much more of Zendaya’s Chani, along with potentially unveiling Harkonnen favored heir Feyd Rutha.

Lot’s of production work from Dune Part 1 will be carried over, such as sound design, costumes, and location identification. Lots of pre-production has already been completed. Right about now Warner Bros. must be wishing they just greenlit them back-to-back and saved even more money.


Dune finally made it back to the big screen after an unsuccessful attempt by Paramount Pictures to produce a new adaptation, Legendary Entertainment then bought the movie and TV rights, signing director Villeneuve to his own passion project in February 2017.

Warner Bros. took the same approach that was taken with It (2017), only triggering part 2 when they had seen how part 1 performed.

It has been well-received by critics and fans and has grossed over $331.1 million worldwide despite being available on HBO Max at the same time.

The next installment is expected to be a theatrical-only release. Dune will disappear from HBO Max on November 22nd.

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