2012’s Dredd was excellent. Highly re-watchable, fairly faithful to the source material, and with a budget of less than $45 million it was an absolute bargain! Unfortunately it was marketed badly and a distributor making silly decisions about 2D prints in the short-lived age of 3D didn’t help. The box-office take was less than spectacular.

It has always been championed by fans though, many of whom clearly didn’t go and see it on release but who discovered it at home on streaming or on rental. It is much better regarded than the 1995 film with Sylvester Stallone.

For many years the lead actor, Karl Urban, has spoken fondly of the movie and said he would love to return to the role. News then reached us of a rumored follow-up show, Mega City One. The rights for both a movie and a show all sit with a company called Rebellion. This week their CEO Jason Kingsley spoke to V2A Emergency Broadcast System and was then reported by Movieweb with his update. He says they are ready to go:

“I want there to be a sequel [to 2012 movie Dredd]. We’ve got the rights back so we can do it, we’ve just got to get rid of this virus thing that’s going on at the moment, and then hopefully things can kick off in all sorts of different areas of making film and TV, it’s just, it’s all very messed up at the moment for everybody.

A lot of work has been done on all sorts of different scripts actually. So Mega-City One the TV show. Basically, we can’t go into production because of the [situation] and we’ve got scripts and everything is ready to go but the problem is, because of the [situation] and everybody’s funding changes and everybody’s shifting around.”

He also adds that if everything works out though they hope to get some familiar faces to come back, saying:

“Well if we can get people back, you know, we even joked that it would be quite fun to get Stallone back.”

Mega City One will be shopped to streaming services when more details emerge and they are in a position to add some certainty.