That’s right, MGM are seriously talking about making a Drago movie. So the latest example of Hollywood’s business model – CONSUME – we are getting a spin-off movie of a spin-off movie. What a time to be alive!

Though the actual details on the movie are a secret for now, it’ll focus on the legendary Russian fighter who got whooped in Rocky IV, and whose son Viktor Drago was last seen also getting a whooping in Creed II.

Robert Lawton has been hired to write the screenplay. He got the job after impressing MGM with his spec script Becoming Rocky about the making of the first Rocky film. Though the studio didn’t move ahead with his film idea, it appointed Lawton to build out a backstory about Russian boxer Ivan Drago.

Lawton said in a statement to Variety:

“I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for this opportunity, and I’m approaching it as an enormous fan of the ‘Rocky’ franchise, who happens to be a screenwriter.” 

Drago Rocky IV
I said, do, something, original… hurghhh!

The Rockyverse

Hopefully this is the start of the Rockyverse because I have an amazing idea that I’m going to pitch to the Hollywood bigwigs.

I’m calling it Pugilists In Purgatory© and it’s set in heaven. The story follows Apollo Creed, freshly arrived in Heaven after being killed by Drago.

God can see Apollo struggling to find peace in the afterlife so he sets up a series of bouts against legendary boxers, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano and Jack Dempsey. However, even though these legend give Apollo a run for his money, he is still searching for that one last bout.

Enter Lucifer. He’ll be playing a Don King kind of role and sets up a mega fight against boxing bad guy, Sonny Liston. The fight will be billed as Carnage In The Clouds. And even though Apollo will have Jesus in his corner and Archangel Gabriel as his cut man, the odds will be stacked against him.

I’ve made a poster and everything. I better copyright this before someone in Hollywood reads this article and steals my idea!

Drago Poster
©Copyright Matt aka Eggy – keep your paws off my idea Hollywood!

Anyway, before any of that we are getting Rocky 9, I mean Creed III. Michael B. Jordan will star in as well as making his directorial debut. That film will be released March 2023.

If this franchise dies, it dies. 

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