Looks like meat is back on the menu boys! After lace cuffs, moping sadness at immortality, afterlife-crossed lovers and sparkly vegetarian vampires finally we can return to the terrifying night stalking predators!

Karyn Kusama (Destroyer, The Invitation) was locked a while back to direct Dracula for Blumhouse and Universal as their replacement for the ill fated Dark Universe gathers momentum.

Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay are penning the script which will follow the Blumhouse formula like The Invisible Man and the upcoming The Wolfman. Stand-alone, modestly budgeted with talented filmmakers given freedom to explore a literary classic.

Now Kusama puts hope in the hearts of Drac fans everywhere in an interview with the Stephen King podcast recently. Her Dracula will be loyal to the novel and will eliminate one thing that has kept true terror away from vampires recently – romantics!

“It’s a fairly faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel. I think something that gets overlooked in the adaptations of Dracula in the past is the idea of multiple voices. In fact, the book is filled with different points of view. And the one point of view we don’t get access to, and all most adaptations give access to, is Dracula himself. So I would just say in some respect, this is going to be an adaptation called Dracula, but it’s perhaps not the same kind of romantic hero that we’ve seen in the past… in past interpretations of Dracula.”

There is no start date for the new movie yet, but we know Sebastian Stan has thrown his hat in the ring for the Dracula role as he has worked with the director before and feels his Romanian heritage gives him an insight into the character.