Dracula adaptions have historically been something of a mixed bag.  The temptation to tinker with the source material is frequently too much for various writers and filmmakers to handle.

Whether this is inserting romance sub-plots, mining historical references to Vlad The Impaler, switching characters (Mina for Lucy, combining Van Helsing and Quincy etc.), or excising the entire Transylvania opening and making it 100% England bound or vice versa, it is fair to say Bram Stoker’s iconic novel has been adapted many times but never totally faithfully.

Will somebody get it right this time?  Well, the jury is out.  Modern Sherlock and Jekyll co-creators and frequent Doctor Who collaborators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are behind this.  A characteristic of both Moffat’s Who and their Sherlock  was starting very, very strongly, layering in threads and arcs masterfully… and then totally failing to wrap them up and bring it all in to land whilst disappearing up it’s own ass in a convoluted mess of the writers trying to show off how clever they were.

Now they have worked together again for the BBC and Netflix to bring us a new version of Dracula.  The first teaser trailer has been released.

The look and feel is right.  It is suitably creepy.  There seems to be some kind of vampire fighting nuns sub-plot insertion.  Maybe the nuns who nursed Harker back to health after his ordeal in Castle Dracula are having their roles beefed up?

Claes Bang (The Square) stars as the vampire.  John Heffernan, Joanna Scanlan, Dolly Wells, Sacha Dhawan, Jonathan Aris, Morfydd Clark and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett round out the cast.

Coming in three parts, a screening date has yet to be confirmed.  The BBC will air the miniseries in the United Kingdom before Netflix screens to the rest of the world.