Especially if Amazon gets its way. They are in court right now arguing those movies you bought on Amazon aren’t really yours. I’m not talking about the streaming service, I’m talking about actual purchases of movies you made.

When an Amazon Prime Video user buys content on the platform, what they’re really paying for is a limited license for “on-demand viewing over an indefinite period of time” and they’re warned of that in the company’s terms of use. That’s the company’s argument for why a lawsuit over hypothetical future deletions of content should be dismissed.


In April, Amanda Caudel sued Amazon for unfair competition and false advertising. She claims the company “secretly reserves the right” to end consumers’ access to content purchased through its Prime Video service. She filed her putative class action on behalf of herself and any California residents who purchased video content from the service from April 25, 2016, to present.

This is a clear signal that we should be staying with physical content. Now let’s be honest, there are many ways to “obtain” a particular movie. What Amazon is clearly threatening here is short-sighted. By not standing by the consumer, the consumer will find other ways to get the movies they love. And that will hurt the overall business of entertainment. If there’s no revenue coming in, there’s no money to create new content.

I’m not advocating piracy by any means, I’m merely stating a fact on what will happen. Should the court case achieve a lot more visibility in media; VUDU, Amazon, and MoviesAnywhere will be hurt first. This won’t stop with them. People want to know their purchases are safe.

The alternative is to keep with physical disks. I strongly advocate a return to this. While I admit I do love the convenience of streaming, it’s becoming clear that we are relinquishing our power as consumers by embracing this model. Disks are yours to do with as you please, to play when you want. No, you can’t play them on your phone, but I believe there are reasonable ways around that.

Keep it up Amazon, it’s not like everyone is starting to despise Big-Tech these days. Keep not listening to the people who pay you. I’m sure this will have no ramifications on your customer base.

Ask Netflix about Cuties.