As you all know by now, we love it when an Outposter sends in an article or a review. Eggy Weggs has clearly had enough of his family this Christmas so decided to spend some quality time writing a review for us instead of being with them. Nice move, Eggy Weggs! Team effort now as Stark edits, then has to run to a party so Not George Lucas takes over the rest of the duties while Stark drinks heavily… so just like any Tuesday here at Last Movie Outpost.


Don’t Look Up

OK, something very weird is going on in Hollywood in recent weeks. No I’m not talking about the usual level of weirdness, the noncing, the casting couches and promotion of various other degenerate behaviour, no I’m talking about… well just weird.

We’ve just had Matrix Resurrections that everyone expected to be 2 hours of woke hell and turned out to be just the opposite. Watch last weekend’s Live Stream and listen to Drunken Yoda’s eye-opening take on it right here.

And now we have Don’t Look Up. This is a film that is absolutely riddled with left-wing, woke, and progressive actors and actresses. So any sane person would look at the trailer and instantly dismiss the idea of watching it.

However, my wife and son wanted to watch it and I was happy to drink my tea and make my way through a big box of Cadbury’s Christmas biscuits (cookies to my American pals) so once again off I ventured into an evening I was sure was going to be a nightmare. The things I do for you guys!

The film actually blew my mind for all the reasons I was not expecting!

The Main Cast

First off we have DiCaprio – Mr “Flys around the World in his private jet to lecture us, the little people, that we need to stop using cars for muh climate change.”

Streep, the woman who gives a standing ovation to her paedo mate Polanski while simultaneously supporting the #MeToo movement.

Pearlman, a man as equally grotesquely ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.

Lawrence, a women so utterly insane that she willingly had sex with the singer from Coldplay.

The Plot And The Parodies

Basically, an asteroid is heading for the earth. It’s going to wipe out all of mankind – or humankind as Lawrence’s strong, independent, woman character makes a point of saying – and it is Leo and Jen’s job to tell the governments and the world about it. Also, to try and stop it from happening.

“Here we go!” I thought, “More woke bullshit incoming” as I dipped a chocolate-covered shortbread into my cuppa.

President Streep, sitting there with a picture of Bill Clinton on her desk, listens to the revelation that HUMANkind is doomed but rather than react as you would expect the bestest Hollywood President ever to react, she’s actually an egomaniac who is only interested in her image and how this news will affect her poll numbers… wait, what? She’s Hillary!?

Streep and her staff instantly dismiss Leo and Jen as lunatics. They decide to keep the news to themselves and not tell the public, not because they don’t want to cause mass hysteria but because they don’t want to lose the upcoming election.

This is where I realized that I might be in for a treat rather than a nightmare, so I reached for another biscuit.

Leo and Jen are pissed off and dismayed, so they decide to go on the country’s leading chat show to tell the world. This is a glorious piss-take of The View.

Here we are met with Cate Blanchett who looks like a parody of Laura Ingraham. She is joined by Tyler Perry. Now this show perfectly shows us how far HUMANkind have fallen in recent decades. Infatuated with celebrity gossip, and mind numbing stories designed to distract the populace from the real events of the world. Hold up, did this movie just become a gigantic Black Mirror episode?

We are introduced to Arianna Grande (yeah!) actually playing a caricature of herself and her fellow ‘artists’ – arrogant, spoiled and fickle.

Blanchett and Perry are more interested in Grande’s private life than they are in the death of every living thing on the planet so Jen loses her shit on-air and becomes an instant meme! DiCaprio is only taken seriously because he looks good on TV!

Jen is literally kidnapped by the FBI at the behest of the Chief Of Staff (Jonah Hill) who happens to be Streep’s son. Another dig at the elites helping out their own (Trump and Ivanka) as well as using government agencies as their own personally enforcers (Biden and Hunter).

Enter Mark Rylance, who is a mix of Apple’s Tim Cook, Zuckerberg and Joe Biden. There’s one scene later in the White House that is a blatant piss-take of Creepy Joe that it just amazed me they were “allowed” to keep it in!

Rylance wants to risk the destruction of the Earth by mining the asteroid for precious metals that will increase the productivity of his smartphones. Streep agrees as it will help her polling numbers and her personal bank balance. By this stage I can’t believe what I am watching. Neither can my wife, as I am on my tenth biscuit.

Leo gets wrapped up in the whole celebrity life, turning his back on his wife and adult kids in order to have a slice of Blanchett and fame. He’s lauded by the elite and MSM. He is used for propaganda (Fauci), even appearing on Sesame Street to get the message across that everything will be fine (Big Bird and the vaccines)… and I just dropped a biscuit in my tea!

Streep uses the asteroid as a push for re-election, coining the phrase:

“Don’t Look Up”

Now we have people refusing to believe their lying eyes and turning on those “conspiracy theorists” who trust the real science… remind you of something?

We get introduced to Chamalet’s character who is a bit of an anarchist but believes in God and religion but keeps it quiet in order to avoid mockery by his mates. Then we get the realization in the populace that the asteroid is actually real and so they turn on the politicians.

Finally, this is the weird bit and maybe a little bit of a spoiler so warning ahead…

…here we go…

Spoiler Warning

Leo sees the error of his ways and returns home for the final days. With him are Lawrence and Chamalet and as the world descends into chaos, they cook a homemade meal, drink, play music, and have a wholesome time.

As they sit down, as a family unit, they talk about all the things they have been grateful for in their lives and then say a prayer to God just before their inevitable demise. No preaching a woke agenda, no token gays, trans, feminists etc.

Just several people having a good old fashioned traditional family time. So we have God, Religion, Repentance, Family, and Love as the final message in a film all about chaos and ludicrousness.

Don't Look Up

What is going on, all of the above messaging with a selection of some of Hollywood’s wokest puppets? This all makes no sense. I told you something weird was happening in Hollywood!

End Spoiler

This film is a hilarious joke at the expense of everyone and everything and I thoroughly recommend it. The trailers have not done this film justice at all.

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