This time, they really are too old for this shit! Director Richard Donner is now 90 years old but he maintains he is going to direct a 5th movie in the Lethal Weapon series and is ready to get to work.
In the UK’s Telegraph newspaper he confirmed in an interview that this will be the final adventure of the cop duo:

“This is the final one. It’s both my privilege and duty to put it to bed. It’s exciting, actually… It’s the last one. I’ll promise you that.”

The first movie was 34 years ago, and the last instalment was nearly 23 years ago. Another instalment has been on the cards for over a decade but the noise really started up last year as Donner seemed to go all in on it. Mel Gibson has been working since his parole release from Hollywood purgatory and is keen. Danny Glover also indicated his willingness to return.

In the same interview talk inevitably turned to his work on the iconic 1978 movie Superman, possibly the foundation for all superhero cinema as we know it today. He said he is not a fan of many of today’s comic book movies as they get the tone wrong:

“There are so many people that make superheroes so cynical, it’s depressing. When they’re dark and bleak and angry with themselves and the world, I don’t find it entertaining. I think there’s enough reality going on for that.

We just got over four years of that. I think we crave the opposite… When you see it done right, by my standards, it’s so fulfilling. I’m very happy and proud when I see them. When it’s done wrong, it’s such a disappointment.”

He said he is a fan of the original Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, hailing it as getting right the:

“…same feeling of emotion…”

His Superman remains a classic and somehow timeless. It has aged better than it’s originally well-regarded sequel that Donner was dismissed from, with Richard Lester taking over.