Robert Downey Jr’s Post Marvel career starts with Dolittle.  Universal released the first trailer this weekend.

The adventure film is the latest adaptation of the Doctor Dolittle stories about a man who can talk with animals.  The character has been played by actors ranging from Rex Harrison to Eddie Murphy.  This movie opens in January after years in development and production.

The movie is expensive…  VERY expensive. $170 million at last count.  And it had a troubled shoot with more retooling and reshoots than normal.

Traffic writer and Syriana writer/director Stephen Gaghan was responsible for the main shoot.  Then came reports some time ago that director Jonathan Liebesman and writer Chris McKay had come onboard to handle the additional photography and some post-production.

To throw some extra light on this, an apparent worker on the movie has posted some details on social media.  A thread has appeared on Reddit from this same individual who claims to have been involved in the extensive animation and CGI.

A summary has now appeared on Twitter and mentions that scenes were filmed without any planning of where the animated animals would stand.  It goes on to say that director Gaghan hated any kind of pre-planning.  It even calls out this “stone-cold racist dog” that would target ethnic minorities and bark at them!

The crewmember admits that they weren’t involved in the reshoots.  They do go on to say that if Liebesman and McKay’s can save the movie and:

“…if it’s even remotely watchable then the new guys deserve some f–kin’ medals haha.”

January 17th is not a traditional blockbuster slot, so it will be interesting to see how this fares.