Who doesn’t love a bit of Bollywood? Crazy action scenes, a rich seam of humor running through all their movies, the colors, the musical numbers that explode out of nowhere.

The audience participation, the scenery. Not forgetting, or course, some stunningly beautiful actresses too. Now it seems maybe they will lead the theatre industry out of this current mess.

India is set to allow 100% occupancy in cinemas from this Monday, tomorrow – February 1st. This is after a mandated 50% occupancy rule being in force from last October. India had a hugely high infection rate but seemed to keep the death per capita rate below a lot of supposedly more advanced countries in the West.

The reason? India did go hard for vaccines, but also took a much more pragmatic approach, including sending millions of homes a kit with anti-malarial drugs, zinc, vitamin D and other over the counter medicines and treatments. Also as a nation the use of anti-malarial drugs was already widespread. Has this had an effect on the situation in India?
Meanwhile the West dismissed certain treatments out of hand based on who talked about them, and at times the cold, dead hand of “Big Pharma” may have been present.
India seems to be returning somewhat to normal though, with a return to full-scale cinema exhibition announced by the government.
Social distancing in lines, temperature checks, masks and enhanced cleaning protocols remain and some geographic restrictions will remain in hot zones. Looks like Bhangra is back on the menu boys!