I remember when Jodie Whittaker was cast as the new Doctor Who. I had no problems with it at all. The character has been played by a number of completely different actors over it’s 60 year history. The canon has proved repeatedly that time lords from Galifrey can change genders when they regenerate. I thought it could be fun to see a lady Doctor for a while.

Doctor’s nemesis The Master has changed genders without issue when regenerating

It started OK. She was likeable, fun, very different to the last few incarnations and seemed like a good choice. The writing soon started to let her down, however.

The series just couldn’t help itself. Under the control of the BBC, an organization that preaches diversity from the highest rooftop while only hiring people with the same metropolitan political outlook, I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised.

First a couple of subtle and humorous comments about the gender swap gave way to ham-fisted and tin-eared digs at everything from American politics to inequality to firearms as the show started to collapse under the weight of it’s own virtue signaling. Every episode contained an eye-rolling moment where you could just imagine the writers giving themselves all a pat of the back while the audience dwindled. Eventually it was shunted of it’s prime Saturday night position to a Sunday night graveyard slot.

Every time somebody pointed to the dwindling viewing figures and asked for a change in direction, the production simply did what all other failed productions have done recently. They doubled down and claimed that long-time and hardcore fans bust be misogynist, or worse. Meanwhile the audience just wanted it’s fun sci-fi show back.

Finally the production responded by a bizarre attempt to kill it’s own golden goose with a nonsensical decision to re-write the show’s entire own back story in a virtual signaling frenzy that felt as if it had been deliberately designed by committee. The Timeless Child nonsense layered on every single woke cliché and the show ground to a halt at the end of the last season. Dead in the water.

Well, now the show may die again, hopefully to be reborn. Yet it seems that the current crew, led by Chris Chibnall, may salt the earth as they go down in flames. The final two nails are about to be banged in, like a crucifixion.

Chris Chibnall, current (and potentially last, after this!) showrunner.

First of all, changing the Doctor’s long standing non-sexualized nature is rumored. According to the scuttlebutt out there in fan-land they are planning to have Whittaker’s Doctor declare herself as bisexual. Then in the ultimate pandering and submission to the mob, one of the shows most iconic features is to change it’s appearance.

In the lore of the show, the Doctor’s ship is the TARDIS and it can change its exterior appearance by way of a chameleon circuit. This is supposed to blend the ship in with its surroundings wherever it lands. The Doctor’s ship has a broken chameleon circuit so it is stuck in the shape it assumed in 1963 when it landed in England in episode one – a police call box. The Doctor temporarily fixed it a few times throughout the show history but it always breaks again. The blue box is one of sci-fi’s most enduring images and now it is apparently under threat. Rumors are growing.

The reason? BLM and the perception of the police. In the face of a noisy mob backlash against the police in the wake of events in America this past year, the producers are apparently seriously considering changing the exterior of the famous spacecraft. A blue box with the word “police” prominently featured on the outside are no longer seen as desirable to the kind of people who the BBC let make decisions about such things.

Both of these things are currently just rumors that are growing out there in fandom. It is a sign of how low expectations have fallen with the show that it comes as no surprise at all when this news starts to break. It seems they are determined to damage the show further that they have already.

Doctor Who returns over Christmas for it’s new winter special, which used to be a Christmas Day highlight in the UK but they have ruined that as well. This episode is called Revolution of the Daleks.