Jodie Whittaker has filmed her last scenes as Doctor Who and they will be on screens in three specials towards the end of this year. However, the replacement Doctor has still not been cast. As returning showrunner Russell T. Davies starts work on the new series the casting rumors are going into overdrive.

At the weekend came the news that Hugh Grant was wanted for the role. He played the Doctor in a Comic Relief special over a decade ago and was rumored to have turned down the role when the show was relaunched in 2009.

Doctor Who

The actor himself shot down those rumors yesterday, saying he has nothing against the franchise but he won’t be doing it, isn’t in talks, and has no idea where that rumor came from. It first appeared in UK tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror.

The article also stated that the vision of the new showrunner is that the show can be a Marvel-like product, building franchises around the Doctor and other key characters in his many lives.


The previous favorite, It’s A Sin star and Years And Years singer Olly Alexander, has also ruled himself out of the role but in an interview with the Press Association, he said he was backing his It’s A Sin co-star Omari Douglas for the role. Bookies suspended betting on Douglas a few weeks ago after a flood of bets.


An outsider, but interesting prospect for the role simply because it would be very funny, is Danny Dyer. Human Traffic, Football Factory, and The Business star Dyer has been a lead character in the top BBC soap opera Eastenders for nine years. He is now confirmed to be leaving EastEnders, seeking to explore other, different roles. This has sparked rumors he could be heading for the Tardis.


The 44-year-old “cockney geezer”, who makes the cast of your average Guy Ritchie movie look like they are from the Surrey Hills, would certainly be a left-field choice but would definitely have you tuning in, just to see what they make of him as the Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker, 39, was the first female to take on the role of Doctor Who, but her promising start has been overshadowed by weak scripts, heavily laden with virtue-signaling and the BBC responding to falling ratings by moving the show out of a prime-time Saturday evening slot.

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