Actor Bruce Campbell, who is good friends with Sam Raimi, director of the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, will allegedly have a cameo in the movie and claims that the film underwent “extensive” reshoots.

Don’t Panic!

Now calm down Marvel fanboys, there’s no need to get your knickers in a twist, I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

In fact, it sounds positive because apparently, you’re going to see Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, completely naked! Not really, I’m just trying to flesh out this article but let’s keep reading anyway.

Scarlet WItch
Scarlet Witch fully clothed. Calm down nerds.

The Multiverse

During a recent meet-up with a fan, Campbell let slip that while he did shoot a scene for the Doctor Strange 2, he’s unsure whether it made it into the final cut.

“A majority of the film was reshot extensively, so I have no idea what’s in there and what isn’t. I did a cool scene with a character that’s been beloved for years, and… we’ll have to see what ends up in the movie. I don’t know if it’s still in there. It’s a pretty cool part.”

I’m not sure Doctor Strange has been around long enough in the MCU to have a beloved character so I wonder who he’s talking about? Perhaps one of the original Avengers, maybe Scarlett Johansson is back as Black Widow, and this time she’s going to be completely naked? No? OK, moving on.

Easy nerds, easy.


Word on the street is Bruce filmed his scene a year ago and that the reason the changes to Doctor Strange 2 took place has to do with planned spin-off projects as well as being heavily influenced by both Loki and in particular the huge success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, both of which have opened several cans of worms known as the Multiverse.

Based on Bruce’s words and these earlier reports, perhaps speculation that the rumored inclusion of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, Wesley Snipes’ Blade, and maybe even the Cruiseinator as Ultimate Iron Man were some of the reasons for the reshoots.

Tom Cruise
This is just fan art. Seriously nerds, you need to calm down.


The Hollywood Reporter released their own information on the reshoots and stated Benedict Cumberbatch and the cast were reshooting for six weeks, six days a week, and the site also compared the reshoots to filming “a whole other movie.”

Now, I routinely mock Hollywood and their precious darling actors and actresses because I’m a miserable cynical bastard. However, I have to admit it’s pleasing to see how much everyone involved at Marvel gives it everything they have in order to deliver what the fans want.

There are plenty of other franchises out there that I wish would do the same. Yeah, I’m looking at you DC!

Talking of DC, I even heard a rumor that Michelle Pfeiffer is in Doctor Strange 2 but this time she’s going to be completely… donning her Catwoman outfit… oh no wait, that’s the Batman franchise.

Oh by the way, the lads will be discussing The Batman on to the Livestream this Sunday at 6pm UK, 12pm CST. Tune in and not only can you join the discussion on the live comments but you might even get a shout-out by NotGeorgeLucas with his soft west country English accent. For my American chums, that’s what Hobbits sound like!

Live Stream
Livestream on Sunday at 6pm UK, 12pm CST talking about The Batman.

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