It’s been trapped in development hell for decades.  Now it finally seems as if a new version of Doc Savage is finally moving forward.  However not as originally intended.

Originally a Sony Pictures movie was planned.  Now Sony Pictures Television, Original Film and Conde Nast Entertainment are working together to bring the character to the small screen as a TV show based on the 1930s pulp fiction franchise.

Before this the most recent view was that Shane Black would write a movie version and Dwayne Johnson was signed on to play the lead role.

Previously there was a 1975 movie version starring Ron Ely.

The titular Man of Bronze fought secret societies featuring classic pulp style villains with plots for global domination.  Gadgets and, at the time, futuristic technology was commonplace.

Doc Savage himself was a rich polymath in peak physical condition with a genius intellect and a photographic memory.  A classic pulp hero from an age of adventure.

As this has been rattling around the industry for years it has the usual long roll call of Executive Producers including Neal H. Moritz, Pavun Shetty, Oren Katzeff and Jon Koa.

One big plus is that Original Film are the crew behind The Boys and Preacher.  Does this mean we will see this on Amazon soon?

The TV follows on from various plans to adapt the property for film, first with Shane Black writing a version in 2013, and then with Dwayne Johnson signing to star in 2016.