Lemme See

Now that Christian Bale has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s time for speculation to go into overdrive about who he will be playing in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The latest set-photos of the Tom Hiddleston-led Loki series suggests that Bale’s debut will be as Dario Agger, aka Minotaur.

The Loki photos feature a bus with “Roxxcart Evacuation Shuttle” on the side. Photos have already shown the God of Mischief working alongside/against the TVA (Time Variance Authority), so it’s entirely plausible they all go up against the Roxxon Energy Corporation, whose CEO is Dario Agger.

Apologies for the piss poor quality of this image –

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Roxxon in the MCU, the company logo appeared in Iron Man, they sponsor one of the Grand Prix cars in Iron Man 2. Roxxon has popped up in everything from Agents of SHIELD to Iron Fist, Daredevil, Agent Carter and Cloak And Dagger.

It’s important to note that Agger is billed as one of Jane Foster’s biggest foes during her tenure with Mj√∂lnir. Agger’s backstory revealed he was born into a wealthy family and embroiled in a hijack in the Aegean Sea. The young Dario escaped and swam to a nearby cave, where he made a deal with dark forces to become the Minotaur and exact revenge on his enemies with super strength and the ability to transform into a horned monster.

Ultimately, the upcoming release of Loki should confirm whether the Roxxon nod is simply a well-paced Easter egg or if Agger is finally going to step from the shadows of the MCU.