So yeah. A sponsored article.

I admit there was a lot of trepidation doing a sponsored article and indeed we have turned down tons of it. But Displates are something I had seen in a lot of different places, usually on youtube channels and I always had some interest on how they work. So when they reached out to allow me to take a look at their stuff, I decided “Hey. Why not?”

Of course it’s Star Wars. What did you expect?

So I recieved the item, Star Wars of course, and began the process of hanging it on the wall. But that’s the magic of Displate. See what they do is make the entire thing out of metal and give you a pair of super powerful magenets to stick it up on. Then if you get another, (and you probably will… these things are like crack) you can easily switch it out and plant the new one up there no fuss no muss.

No one knows man.

But displate sure does. I had put up some cheap hexagon lights from Wal-Mart in a pattern that was cool for about 45 minutes. The batteries on each of them ran done quicker than I would’ve believed and I ended up with these white things that did nothing.

I pulled them off the wall, pulling some of the paper off the dry wall and having to putty and re-paint that area. This doesn’t happen with Displate. You get these nice stickers that easily remove from the wall and put the magnets on those. When I decide to move and need to pull the displate down, I just peel this sticker off and it comes away cleanly.

Here’s everything you get!

Now Displates can be bought with all kinds of licensed content as well as just art work of independent artists. You can buy just one or join the Displate club and get new ones every month. So why not give it a try? Drunken Yoda has one now so you can be sure I’m actually using what I sponsor.

See? Up on the wall to complete my Star Wars Movie Wall Collection. I might get more. If you want one go to and grab one! There’s all kinds of movie properties they have but you might want to go into the artwork section. And if you have a big enough area, you’ll have the ability to change them out all you want.

Me, I’m happy with my Empire Displate. Pretty nice art I hadn’t seen before.