To Focus On Real Multiplayer Game With Cult Following

A new character trailer for creator and star Jason Segel’s forthcoming mystery anthology series Dispatches From Elsewhere has dropped.

Until now, not much was known what Dispatches From Elsewhere was about. I heard about this show back in 2018, very little was known other than it was under the genre heading of a sci-fi mystery show.

It has now been revealed that Dispatches is actually based on a real event. A cult-like phenomenon that swept up thousands of punters living in San Francisco is the subject of the upcoming show.

Here’s the trailer –

From 2008 to 2011, more than 10,000 San Franciscans became engrossed by a game created by a company named Nonchalance. The game was a type of “alternate-reality puzzle” created by Jeff Hull, who ran the company.

Players of this game with a cult-like following focused their attention on a fictional body named “The Jejune Institute,” whose name appears early in the trailer. They were instructed to complete a series of puzzles and social experiments. Some of these experiments were focused on the “disappearance” of a girl named Eva – in Dispatches, Segel and the cast will search for “Clara.”

The main characters are played by Segel, Sally Field, Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 of Outkast), Eve Lindley, and Richard E. Grant.

Dispatches From Elsewhere will be 10 episodes, with the premiere airing on March 1st, and the second episode airing March 2nd.

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