Scheme Ends After 40 Years

A Southern California tradition of nearly 40 years is ending, Disneyland has announced they are ending their Annual Passport program.
When the park first shut down in March last year, it was assumed that it would only be for a few weeks, now, it’s two months away from it being a full year since Disneyland closed its doors.

Last year in October, Disneyland Tokyo announced that they were cancelling their Annual Passport program, and many speculated that the California park wouldn’t be far behind.
Ken Potrock, Disneyland Resort President, sent out an email to current passholders, alerting them of the changes and addressing refunds for people who are still paying for their passes. Potrock says –

“Due to the continued uncertainty of the pandemic and limitations surrounding the reopening of our California theme parks, we will be issuing appropriate refunds for eligible Disneyland Resort Annual Passports and sunsetting the current program.”

“I know that sunsetting the Annual Passport program will be disappointing to many of our passholders who are just as anxious as we are to reopen our gates and welcome guests back when the time is right,” he said. He went on to say, “We are also very excited about what’s ahead. We plan to use this time while we remain closed to develop new membership offerings that will utilize consumer insights to deliver choice, flexibility and value for our biggest fans.”

Over the years, Disneyland has been criticised for raising the prices on their annual passes, even as they added new options to combat overcrowding.
Current passholders will be able to get their discounts at Downtown Disney for the time being, but those benefits will come to an end on March 14th.

For now, Disneyland will remain closed indefinitely as the Florida park remains open.