One of the biggest draws for Disney+ was the promised original content. Alongside the deep, well-loved library of movies and TV shows from across the Disney, Star Wars and Marvel stables, it was this new content that tempted many to sign up.

Now, with the first anniversary of Disney+ rapidly approaching, only The Mandalorian made it to the streaming service. The bulk of the content that made up the sales pitch was Marvel related and this is all late. So now most customers have had a service for nearly a year and have had less than a quarter of the new content they were promised when they signed up.

Even worse, with the MCU now being multi-platform and meticulously planned and linked, the downsides to this are becoming clear. The story relies on precise ordering therefore a delay to any one part has to push out the scheduling for the rest.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is confirmed as going to miss its original August premiere date. This delay is now rippling out across the televisual MCU. Heat Vision has reported that WandaVision has been moved back from late 2020 to a Spring 2021 release.

Loki and Hawkeye are now looking like they may have to slip from Spring 2021 and Autumn 2021 to accommodate this. That would mean Hawkeye coming out near the second anniversary of the streaming platform. For one of the shows unveiled at the Disney+ launch this is an unacceptable customer outcome.

Look for many Disney+ customers tossing their subscription into the same trashcan that Quibi is living in.