News outlet Bloomberg is running a story that Disney is in early talks with the BBC to grab the global streaming rights to Doctor Who. The show is about to be relaunched with a new Doctor at the helm of the TARDIS in the form of actor Ncuti Gatwa.


The plan is that the BBC would air the program then Disney+ would immediately launch the episode globally on their platform. These discussions are timed to coincide with the Doctor regenerating from Jodie Whittaker into Gatwa in her final episode that airs this autumn on the BBC in the UK. He will become the fourteenth incarnation of the Doctor.

A lot of the rumors around the show say that this will be its biggest reinvention since the 2005 relaunch that brought us Christopher Ecclestone in the role, followed by David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi then Whittaker.

The new run will screen in 2023 and the new showrunner will be the returning Russell T. Davies, who was responsible for the Tennant era, which some say was the greatest of the relaunched Doctor Who.

While Davies is fondly remembered for his time on Doctor Who, it is fair to say his post-Who content hasn’t been met with the same acclaim in the mainstream as it has been one-note.

He created Cucumber, a Channel 4 series about middle-aged gay men in the Manchester gay scene, Banana, an E4 series about young LGBT people in the Cucumber universe, and Tofu, an All 4 documentary series which discussed LGBT issues.

Davies returned to Channel 4 for a third time in 2021 as creator of It’s a Sin, a semi-autobiographical drama about the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s and 1990s. You can see a theme developing here. Given Disney’s recent obsession in this arena, with Lightyear and the upcoming Baymax attracting ridicule, this may fit Disney’s current profile perfectly.

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