Want to see Alien on the big screen at a late night retro screening?  Or catch The Abyss one last time?

Better make it quick.  Dark forces are afoot.  Something wicked this way comes.  Evil is abroad.  The Disney / Fox merger is about to bite.


Just like with Disney classic animation, “Vaulting” is coming to the Fox library.  This is the act of placing a movie, metaphorically, in the vault therefore taking it out of circulation completely.   Has the effect of driving up interest ready for a limited release.

Small theaters and regional chains all across the U.S. are being told their screenings of old titles from the Fox back catalogue are verboten.

Alien, Fight Club, The Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge and Die Hard are all being pulled from being screens around the country.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still available as that does great business with midnight dress-up crowds singing along and shouting at the screen.

No reasons were given to theatres, however non-profit theatres such as Film Forum in New York City have been told they will be given access to the Fox library.

Disney hasn’t officially commented, or published enforcement details.

They can take The Last Jedi and keep it in a vault for as long as they want.