Getting a COVID vaccine is not yet a legal requirement in the US, but that hasn’t stopped a number of organizations from bringing in a jab as a requirement of employment. This is particularly true in Hollywood as a growing list of studios and other entities are now making full vaccination a non-negotiable. Netflix, Google, Facebook, Twitter, The Washington Post, Lyft, and Uber are all on that list.

Disney’s requirement applies to all salaried and non-union hourly employees in the United States. The company is also in discussions with the unions for staff under collective bargaining agreements.

Employees who have not had their COVID vaccine have 60 days to get the vaccine. Those working from home will need to provide proof of their jabs to return to work.The Emmy Awards are also making a full, double jab a requirement of attendance at the September 19th ceremony.

The vaccine seems to have opened up a new front in the culture wars lately. With lunatics on both fringes. Those who believe refuseniks should be taken away to camps are mirrored by those who believe that jabs are a government-mandated kill shot and a mass extinction event will be triggered at the flick of a 5G switch.

Towards the center, away from the fringes, the battle is no less ferocious. Those uncomfortable with mandatory medical procedures find themselves locked in internet battles with those who cannot see what the big deal is, and that getting a jab is a small price to pay for beating a pandemic.

The Last Movie Outpost position on the COVID vaccine? Goddammit Jim, we are a pokey internet movie hobbyists community, not a Doctor!

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