Disney+ isn’t out in the US until 12th November.  Other territories will follow soon after that.  However, it clearly it needs to be tested.  As part of this test, it has been made available for a two-month trial in the Netherlands.

For the geographically challenged among you, the Netherlands is not where people journey after death in Lord Of The Rings or after a bad D&D throw.  It’s a real country.  It’s in that place you all think is a bit faggy, Europe.

As elegant and sophisticated as Europe likes to consider itself, it is with great sadness we must report that soy-faced, beta twattery has also invaded those far shores:

A large number of reviews have started to arrive online.  The interface has been pegged as similar to Apple TV but with a Netflix pop-out menu.  It has been a few years since I have used Apple TV but I hope to God it’s better than the last version I used.  That was pretty much living proof that Apple isn’t always user-led and intuitive.  It was atrocious.

Content is, as expected, limited for the test and trial.  Very few Fox titles are there and, of course, premieres such as The Mandalorian are yet to come.

Reviews confirm it is very easy to find content and the interface scores highly, so things must have changed for Apple TV in the last couple of years!

Disney+ apparently sections its content into a number of useful categories, like Hit Movies, Out of the Vault classics, Musicals, and Documentaries.  For the kids, they even sub-section for things like a Princess and Fairy Tales section.

4K Ultra HD, and HDR sections currently contain 17 Marvel and Star Wars movies for the test.

Viewer profiles can be created including a kids setting.  Reports also say that cross device linking such as with AirPlay also work just fine even in its test.

So score one to those crazy pancake smoking, sex-trade liberalising inventors of total-football out there in Holland.