Do it can happen.  The mighty Disney is as capable of throwing out the occasional dud as anyone else.  20th Century Studios (preciously Fox) and Disney Pictures’ new Call of the Wild adaption is shaping up to be that dud.

Despite being based on a famous and well-loved Jack London novel and starring Hollywood royalty in the for, of Harrison Ford, it has made just $45 million in the U.S. and $79 million globally after two weeks in theaters.

With a production budget of $125m the movie needs at least $275m to break even.  With cinemas being closed in several key markets due to the Coronavirus outbreak things are not looking hopeful.  This budget was mainly driven by VFX and in  particular a CGI dog.

Analysts now predict the movie will bottom out at a $50m loss shared with co-financing partner TSG.

The Fox titles Disney have found themselves saddled with have been less than spectacular.  Underwater and Spies In Disguise underperformed.  Dark Phoenix was a complete flop.

What this means for other Fox staples such as Predator and Alien going forward is anyone’s guess.  I don’t think a Predator vs Alien dark ride will be coming to the Magic Kingdom anytime soon!