Long time readers of this site will have heard us discuss the differences between Disney+ in the USA vs. Disney+ overseas. The version of the streamer in foreign markets has long been less restrictive than the domestic version for US consumption.

Whereas those shifty foreigners could access the full array of entertainment from under the ever expanding Disney umbrella, including Fox movies, FX shows and old movie library of subsidiaries such as Touchstone Pictures, the US version had no such content due to a combination of fierce brand protection and strategic complexity.

This meant that Americans were robbed of the slightly naughty feeling you get when you fire up Disney+ to watch Predator, Con Air or Terminator.


There was long talk that the US service would eventually go down this route as the battle for subscribers hots up. There is $ billions of content sitting in the Disney vaults. After an announcement that this would eventually happen things went quiet. Now Disney+ has confirmed that it is to dip its toe in the water again, and just like when they turned to old Netflix shows before, they will use two Marvel offerings from outside the MCU.

The two Deadpool movies and the Hugh Jackman-led Logan are on Disney+ from today. They will be the first R-rated movies available on the American service, following the R-rated Marvel TV series from Netflix, such as Daredevil and Punisher, that were released in March.

The always off-message Ryan Reynolds chimed in with a comment on this news via his social media:

This is true. Nothing prepares you for the emotional scarring caused by the death of Bing Bong.

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