A good review? Disenchanted is pretty good? Are we shills now? I wish, I could use the cash! But no, this Disenchanted review is 100% authentic. If you liked Enchanted, you will enjoy Disenchanted, a perfectly fine sequel to the surprise 2007 hit.

Enchanted was a loving send-up of Disney princesses and syrupy movies in general while still celebrating them and Disenchanted continues that trend. To be honest, I have no idea why the Rotten Tomatoes and the audience reviews are both so bad. Then I looked at the audience score for Wakanda Forever and I’m tempted to call shenanigans.

I really don’t know what people were expecting? This sequel is a true sequel, not a soft reboot. It doesn’t try to do the first story again, but naturally extended the story with a teenage daughter taking up more of the story and Giselle doing her best to be a good stepmother in a world that’s far more complex than the storybook land she came from.

Giselle Enchanted
She’s bad.

Edward and Nancy come from Andalasia to give the Robert and Giselle a new housewarming gift now that they have moved from the city to a home in suburbs, a wishing wand. Giselle and Morgan are butting heads, with Morgan not at all happy they have left New York. Add in a new baby sister and you have a very typical growing pains and a story about dealing with change.

Giselle uses the wand to turn the town, and their lives, into a fairy tale life. This results in the town busybody becoming Queen and Giselle becoming evil because… duh, stepmothers always are!

So Morgan has to help restore the world as that much magic has to be pulled from somewhere, and Andalasia is slowly dying because of it. Songs are sung, we defeat the Queen and restore everything correctly.


Look. It’s not deep or anything, and certainly lacks some of the novelty of the first movie. As a perfectly pleasant continuation of the story, it works just fine. Alan Menken brings his “A” game, as he always does for Disney musicals. Many of the songs are just great. Maya Rudolph enjoys chewing up the scenery. Amy Adams was a revelation the last go around so it was nice to see her up the ante by seamlessly shifting back and forth between nice-Giselle and evil-stepmother-Giselle.

Is Disenchanted as good as the first? No, but it’s by no means appreciably worse either. You could do worse, and Disney sure has for the most part.

I can understand if this isn’t your cup of tea and I doubt I would find myself re-watching this anymore than I did the original. Yet the critical drubbing it is getting is a bit of a mystery to me. If you liked the original, I can’t find anything in this one you wouldn’t enjoy nearly as much.

The Maya Rudolph/Amy Adams song alone was worth it for me.

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