Now they’ve done it. Now the genie is out of the bottle. No sooner had the fans tasted sweet victory regarding the Snyder Cut, than they turned their attention to another dark episode in recent WB / DC history.

Hot on the heels of this Snyder Cut release for Justice League on HBO Max, if the fans get their way, will be Suicide Squad.

Whereas Justice League : Snyder Cut will cost $20m to finish, according to rumors, Ayers cut if Suicide Squad would be far less. Remember Ayer finished his film and handed it in. Then it was subsequently chopped up and edited back together by the studio and the company Trailer Park. Apparently this is because the tone of Ayer’s version was too dark.  And we all know how that turned out!

So #ReleaseTheAyerCut is a thing now and is trending. Director Ayer had previously spoken about a desire to see his vision for Suicide Squad released.

Howeer when asked straight out by a fan he seemed to hedge his bets in regard to Warner’s and play it safe:

”It is simply not my call or my IP. I love WB – it’s always been my ‘home studio’ I fully respect and support the incredible path the DCU is taking under their stewardship. My cut of Suicide Squad may always be just a rumor. And that’s just fine.”

So is this the start of a trend? What other famously butchered or troubled movies could do with a reissue under a different cut?

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